Sales Conditions



The current general sales conditions (“General Conditions”) regulate the sales of products, commercialized by Cristel S.r.L. 




1. The contract, entered between and the Customer has to be considered concluded with the acceptance, even if only partial of the order by Cristel S.r.L. that reserves itself the right to accept the order, by an unquestionable decision. The acceptance has to be considered tacit, if not otherwise differently communicated to the Customer. By carrying out an order in the different foreseen ways, the Customer declares that he acknowledges all the indications, supplied during the purchasing process and that he entirely accepts the general and payment conditions, hereunder indicated.


2. The Customer is not entitled to have any indemnity or damages reimbursement, nor any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility for direct or undirect damages to people and/or things, caused by the unacceptance of an order, even if partial.





1. The Customer may purchase products, present in the multimedia catalogue, at the despatch of the order, products that you can find on the address (URL), as they are described in the relative informational cards. The technical notes in the website faithfully indicate, in the description of goods, all that has been supplied by the producers. Therefore, Cristel S.r.L. is entitled to adapt technical information to comply them to the ones, supplied by the producers, without any necessary notice. It is understood that the image, supporting the descriptive card can be of a different colour, if compared to the description of the product.

All the supporting purchasing information (gloxary, purchasing guide etc.…) have to be considered as a simple informational and general material which cannot be referred to the features of each single product.


2. The correct demand of the order is confirmed by Cristel S.r.L. through the despatch of an answer by e-mail, sent to the e-mail address, supplied by the Customer. Such a confirmation message will show the exact hour and date of receipt of the order, as well as a Customer Order Number, to be used for further communications with Cristel S.r.L.. This message shows all data, supplied by the Customer, in order to opportunely check any corrections to make.


3. In case of unacceptance of the order, Cristel S.r.L. engages itself in rapidly warning the Customer.


4. All prices, present on the website, are VAT included. (Italy 22%)


5. On the website you may find the quantities of the available product, at the moment of the order. Contemporaneous users-customers and the chance of simultaneous orders, could cause the change of the number of pieces, existing at the moment of the order.







For each order, carried out on, together with the requested material, an invoice is sent, based on the data, supplied by the Customer.

No changes in the invoice will be possible, after the issue of the same.


Despatch costs have to be paid by the Customer and highlighted at the moment of the order.


Sales condition


Goods delivery times will undergo changes for causes, not due to us or for traffic conditions or for an act, issued by the Authority.


The goods are travelling with a packaging, realized by the producer or supplied by Cristel S.r.L..


In case of delivery delays of the goods, please contact




1. All the products, commercialized by Cristel S.r.L. are covered both by the conventional guarantee of the producer and by the 24 months guarantee for defects of conformity, directly released by Cristel S.r.L., in compliance with the Decree 206/05. In order to receive the assistance, offered by the guarantee, the Customer must keep the invoice he will receive, together with the purchased goods.


2. The conventional guarantee of the producer is supplied according to the ways shown in the documents, existing inside the product packaging.


3. The 24 months guarantee, in compliance with the Decree 206/05, is necessary for the product having a defect of conformity, provided that the same is used correctly, by respecting its use and all that is foreseen in the attached technical documents. Such a guarantee, in compliance with the Decree 206/05, is only reserved to the private consumer (a physical person purchasing goods for goals which have not to be referred to its own professional activity, that is, he carries out the purchase, without indicating a VAT number in the order form). In case of defect of conformity, Cristel S.r.L., without any charges for the Customer, will restore the conformity of the product through repair/replacement or thanks to a price reduction, until the resolution of the contract. If, after an action by an Assistance Authorized Center, any defect of conformity should result, in compliance with the Decree 206/05, the Customer will be charged with the eventual verification and repair costs, required by the Authorized Assistance, as well as with transport costs, if paid by Cristel S.r.L.


4. If, for any reason, Cristel S.r.L. should not able to replace a product under guarantee (repaired or replaced), upon a Customer notice, it will replace the same product (if it is still on the price-list) or it will replace it with another having the same features or value or, finally, it will issue a discount coupon, whose amount is the equivalent that can be paid for another product, valid for 6 months, as from the issue.






5. No damage can be required to Cristel S.r.L. for any delays in effecting repairs or replacements of products, under guarantee.


6. If guarantees foresee the returning of the product, this one must be given back to the Customer in the original packaging, entirely, in all its parts (included packaging, possible documents and accessories: manuals, cables etc.); in order to limit damages to the original packaging, be careful, if it is possible, to introduce it in a second box; in any case: tags or adhesive tapes have to be avoided on the original packaging of the product.


Cristel S.r.L. issues an accompanying invoice for any received order.


Jurisdiction and applicable law


The sales contract between the customer and Cristel S.r.L. has to be considered concluded in Italy and regulated by the Italian Law. For the solution of civil and penal controversies, deriving from the conclusion of the current sales distance contract, if the Customer is a consumer, the territorial competence is the one of the relative Court of his residence municipality; in all other cases, the territorial competence is exclusively exerted by the Court of Reggio Emilia, Italy


Sales conditions


The conditions of the present document could be changed by Cristel S.r.L. without any notice and will be valid, as from the publishing date, on the website