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Getting to Reggio Emilia by car

Reggio Emilia is mainly connected by the A1 motorway and houses a motorway exit, plus a second exit a few kilometers away (Terre di Canossa-Campegine exit). Reaching it by car means traveling about 4 hours and a half from Rome with the E35 (passing through Florence); about 1 hour and a half from Florence via the A1 / E35; about 2 hours from Milan through the A1.

The Via Emilia (SS9) connects Reggio Emilia with Modena and Parma, while Bologna is connected by the A1 through the A14 (Autostrada Adriatica). The SP63R allows the connection of Reggio Emilia with the centers of the lower Reggio plain, Casalasco and Mantovano.


Getting to Reggio Emilia by train


The city is crossed by the Milan-Bologna railway line and by three provincial railway lines (connections with Guastalla, Sassuolo and Ciano d'Enza). Connections to Bologna Centrale and Milan Central stations are also ensured, both by regional trains and by Intercity / EuroCity, and direct connections with Naples and Milan with the Frecciabianca service.

In the city there are three railway stations: Reggio Emilia central station (which also serves the provincial connections mentioned above); Reggio Mediopadana station, recent project by the architect Santiago Calatrava, for high-speed connections with the local network; Reggio Emilia Santa Croce station, along the Reggio-Guastalla line, for the surface metropolitan service. There are also other railway stops, on local lines, such as those of the Pratofontana station (Reggio-Guastalla line), Reggio Santo Stefano station (Reggio-Ciano line), Reggio Ospizio station (Reggio-Sassuolo line).

Distances: Rome-Reggio Emilia (about 3 hours, with change in Bologna) / Milan-Reggio Emilia (about 50 minutes direct from Porta Garibaldi with Frecciabianca, or about an hour and a half from central Milan with other trains) / Florence-Reggio Emilia (about an hour and 40 ', with change in Bologna) / Venice-Reggio Emilia (about 2 hours and 20, with change in Bologna) / Bari-Reggio Emilia (about 6 hours and 30, also direct with Frecciabianca).