What do I do in case of emergency communications and / or cancel an order?

You can contact directly and promptly inform us at our store number +39-0522920466 or send an e-mail to: jalisco@jalisco.it / info@jalisco.it

  What happens if the cut, or some other attribute, it is not right?

Contact us early enough within ten days of receipt; once returned the product, we will replace it quickly with the appropriate one and you only have to pay shipping costs with the exception of errors due to our course management.


How do I know the exact size and the extent of boots for my proper fit?

If industry Wrangler Europe and  Shirts American measures are to be considered standard, if slim is listed as the type of fit, it means that the product is slightly adherent.

Jeans worth American sizes are convertible referring to the following table:


----- ----- Insert conversion table


Belts respect the American measure; simply calculate the table above its measure of jeans and add a size or two because the belt should be slightly longer than the measure of life of jeans; example: if the second table the measure of jeans is 32, then I will have to buy a belt measuring 34 or 36 taking into account if you have a preference to measures more comfortable or more accurate.



In the case of boots will be necessary to indicate the size of normal shoes (normal according to the Italian scale), we respect it as a primary conversion. In the case that the  measurement refers to shoes, you need to know that some brands do not fit with the same criterion and therefore the convertion is difficult.


In which case I have to choose a size?

The bigger size is most recommended for those who believe that you have the foot neck high because this is the main factor of boot fit, sometimes even two more sizes are recommended for those who have a foot neck excessively high and a wide plant.


What kind of tip or heel is advisable?

The choice of model is absolutely personal, the important thing is to know that the comfort of fit is a key feature. 

What ultimately fit the characteristics of the boot?

To learn more about the characteristics of the boot just click here where you will find a rather comprehensive table on how a boot sock correctly; don't forget that the boot, albeit very comfortable from the outset tends to stretch in the early days by your foot. 

How boots are built?

It's very important to know that our products use a type of construction craft that respects the characteristics of the original American boots of excellence!

The first thing that tells us to be faced with a product and high quality is the use of the Goodyear sewing , very special technique which gives the footwear great compactness and durability guarantee that the normal seam or glued soles do not offer .

The boots that mantain leather sole can also count on the addition of maple wood nails and reinforcements (heel, tip, etc.). Completely real leather, eliminating up to the presence of plastic! This lets you use the boot at any temperature and in any season since the foot is kept dry and in perfect comfort, both in winter and in the summer.

The  boots that have sole rubber or Vibram are built with exactly the same concept and the only difference is that they are more suitable for work situations under bad wether conditions where leather sole become too weak for the moist exposure.